Birds of Universiti Sains Malaysia: A Photographic Guide

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Universiti Sains Malaysia, Minden campus is 416.6 hectares of urban landscapes fused with green areas which consist of lakes, small gardens and secondary forests. Various trees either natural or planted, gave the campus a calm and scenic landscape, hence the reason it was named the university in the garden. Other than serving the campus community, this eco-campus also served as an important area where birds reside and forage for foods. Some of the migratory birds also stop here to escape the cold winter in the north.


The Birds of Universiti Sains Malaysia packed with photos, descriptions and also some useful tips for those who are keen to study or even just to get to know their feathered neighbours. Thus, it is a recommended reading for educators, policy makers, academicians, researchers, students and land managers. Key features include:


    • more than 100 full-colour photos,
    • accurate and latest text describing the habitat, behaviour and status of birds in the campus, and
    • guide to those interested to start birding.

This work is another initiative to inculcate interest among the campus residents to further appreciate these winged wonders.

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