Tahawul al-Munazzamah: Al-Mafahim wa Asalib at-Tanfiz (Organisational Transformation: Concepts and Implementation Techniques)

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A competitive environment, which can even be hypercompetitive at times, requires an organisation to continually transform itself to ensure that it remains relevant and competitive. The challenge in effectively transforming an organisation lies in ensuring that its direction and strategy reflect changes in its internal and external environments.  With this challenge in mind, the most common question is how and where the transformation programmes should begin? This book provides advice at a strategic level and demonstrates how the transformation program impacts on all areas of human resources. It gives sound advice on how to execute that strategy by discussing techniques to design and implement an effective change programme. Most importantly, it is written from a practical perspective that will appeal to both management practitioners and students. Utilising a scenario based approach, readers will gain useful insights on how to avoid common issues and develop a holistic understanding of the art of transforming organisations.
Adaptasi Pementoran dalam Organisasi