Eclectic Cultures For All: The Development of the Peranakan Performing, Visual and Material Arts in Penang + CD

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The Peranakan culture of Penang, Malaysia, has a rich and fascinating history. Rooted in a place-based identity, it has drawn on Chinese, Malay and European traditions to create a unique community, constantly evolving and adapting to new influences in dynamic ways. This edited collection is the first in-depth study of the changes in Peranakan performing arts, visual arts and costumes from the late nineteenth century to the present, with a particular focus on women’s voices. Making creative use of previously untapped sources – including press reports, cartoons, newspaper advertisements, photographs from private collections, paintings from artists and museums, music books and early recordings, and extensive interviews – Eclectic Cultures for All paints a vivid picture of under-researched facets of Peranakan life. With chapters written by experts on festivals, performances, cartoons, visual art and fashion, the book highlights not just culture as heritage but new and resourceful ways of projecting markers of identity. Beautifully designed and containing nearly 150 photographs, this volume will appeal to all those interested in history, culture and modernity in Malaysia and beyond.

Chapter One Introduction
Tan Sooi Beng

Chapter Two Homegrown in Penang: The Cosmopolitan Festivals, Performances and Identities of the Peranakan Prior to the Second World War
Tan Sooi Beng

Chapter Three The Decline and Revival of the Eclectic Peranakan Performing Arts in Penang in the Post-war and Post-independence Eras: A New Generation Recreates Transborder Forms 
Tan Sooi Beng

Chapter Four Cartoons in the English Newspapers Distributed in Penang in the 1930s: Social Commentary by Yan Kee Leong and Others 
Tan Sooi Beng

Chapter Five The Eclectic Costumes of the Penang Baba and Nyonya: Representing Sociocultural Changes from the 1900s to the 1960s  
Grace Choong Ai May 

Chapter Six Cosmopolitanism in the Works of Straits Chinese Artists: Low Kway Song, Yong Mun Sen and Tay Hooi Keat 
Sarena Abdullah

Chapter Seven Peranakan Imageries in Malaysian and Singaporean Modern Art, 1980s–2017: Between Gendered Representation and Modern Expressions 241
Sarena Abdullah
Early History of PenangEnsera Ayor: Epik Rakyat Iban