The Araceae of Peninsular Malaysia (Hard Cover)

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A review of the Araceae of Peninsular Malaysia, including its off-shore islands, is presented as a precursor to revising the family for the Flora of Peninsular Malaysia project. The aroid flora of Peninsular Malaysia comprises 28 genera and ca 140 indigenous (of which17 provisionally accepted) with 25 species (ca 17%) endemic. Peninsular Malaysia has no endemic aroid genera. As compared to Thailand with 29 genera, ca 200 species of which 62 species (ca 30%) are endemic, and Borneo where 38 genera (of which are 10 endemic), and currently 670 indigenous species of which more than 40% are undescribed and about 95% are endemic. An historical review of Araceae research in Peninsular Malaysia, and keys to higher taxa are provided. Most genera are illustrated.
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