Environmental Concerns in Malaysian Construction Industry

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As the construction industry continues to develop within the natural environment, the industry has to take strong measures to ensure that its activities are in harmony with the environment. The challenge for the construction sector is not just to respond to the need for adequate housing and rapid urbanisation, but to do it in a way that is socially and ecologically responsible. This book begins with the current progress of the construction industry in Malaysia before shifting to the fragile relationship between construction and environment. Knowing the rapid development in Malaysia and how construction can affect the environment, this book delves into some evidence of environmental degradation in Malaysia. In the mist of degradation, there is some light shone by the government agencies, state government and some construction players who have initiated several actions to improve present situation. Construction players must be ready to address these concerns, aware of the requirements and comply with it, while the government must be ready to implement and enforce the requirement. An effective planning, implementation and monitoring is vital if the environment is to be part of the culture of the construction industry everywhere.
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