The Art of Chinese Translation of Puns in Shakespeare's Sonnets

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The Art of Chinese Translation of Puns in Shakespeare's Sonnets

The translation of puns opens up a world of possibilities especially when it involves the clash of cultures between the West and the East. Although puns may be extremely difficult or some may say impossible to translate, the lack of studies on the translation of puns cannot prove or reject the notions put forward by the scholars, thus raising the issue of translatability.

Are puns translatable?

Do translators ‘translate’ or ‘convert’ the puns?

Do translators retain the form or meaning or both?

Seeking to clearly illustrate the nature and translatability of puns, this book compiles the result of a scientific study on pun translation from English into Chinese that has systematically examined the Chinese translation of Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

A practical guide for translators and students in translation studies, this book fulfils the needs for theoretical and practical details especially with the rare chapter that focuses on Chinese translators of the Shakespeare’s Sonnets.
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