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Regression Analysis of Column Ozone and Selected Atmospheric Parameters in Peninsular Malaysia from Sciamachy Data

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This monograph primarily demonstrates an effective application through remote sensing technique in order to predict the monthly columnar ozone (O3) in Peninsular Malaysia by using data on the concentration of environmental pollutants. Analysis and forecasting of air quality parameters are important topics of atmospheric and environmental research. Since the past few decades, the study of O3, in terms of its interaction with the atmosphere, the existence of O3 level, and its development, is well established due to its importance to human health. Uniquely, this is the first study to use SCIAMACHY data and to analyze the effect of atmospheric parameters on column O3. As for the outcome, a model of total column O3 was developed, which is capable to retrieve total column O3 in Peninsular Malaysia to provide air quality information from time to time. These results are encouraging and accurate, hence they can be used for early warning to the population in order to achieve compliance with the air quality standards. 
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