Reflections On Life And The Law (Hardcover)

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Reflections On Life And The Law


This book of 136 short essays distills some of the most lucid writings of well-known, emeritus law professor, Shad Saleem Faruqi, who was from 2008–2012 attached to USM as a Visiting Professor. From mundane topics like “Tips for Interviewees” to such contentious and sensitive issues as ethnic relations, Islam and the Constitution, and electoral democracy, the book gives us a simple, warm and sympathetic commentary on some of the burning issues of our times. There are simple but searching essays on good governance, local government, law reform, universities and the law, and legal education. The reflections of the East and the perceptions of the West on human rights are discussed eloquently. The international law on war and peace is viewed in the context of our troubled world. Difficult issues are made simple and simple issues are made rich. All essays are guided by reason and driven by passion. The work is animated by a spirit of moderation, compassion and erudition.
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